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Accreditation gives an opportunity to delegate one or several representatives of the company to attend all the events of the festival. Accredited participants get packages with presentational and souvenir materials, bonus programs from business and informational partners of the festival.

Business and educational program of the festival is always a synthesis of modern international experience and new trends in the sphere of communications. Multinational list of speakers consists of persons with world recognition in advertising, creative and art directors of major ad agencies of the world, holders of numerous industrial awards including Cannes Lions and remarkable experience of performing at prestigious communication forums of Europe.

The program is rather various, rich and intensive, includes over 60 activations and covers a wide spectrum of ad and marketing tools so most companies seek to delegate several participants to the festival.

ACCREDITAION is acquired by filling in the application form and sending it to the Directorate of the Festival via e-mail info@adfest.by or by fax: +37517 2174161, or by registering on the website and filling in the accreditation form and paying the invoice after it was sent. As a response you will get the documents on participation in the festival.

The cost of accreditation for one person is:

230 USD + VAT till February 19,

240 USD + VAT since February 20 till March 18,

270 USD + VAT after March 18. 
Regular participants are provided with discounts.


- If registering 2 or more participants from one company 5% discount in provided.

- If registering the participants of previous festivals 5% discounts are provided.

The discounts get summed up. 

Visiting guests can be provided with help on hotel registration via info@adfest.by