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Contest participation cost:


Stage I



Stage II



Stage III







90 EUR

100 USD

100 EUR

110 USD

110 EUR

120 USD


130 EUR

140 USD

138 EUR

150 USD

148 EUR

160 USD

The price adds 20% VAT. Payment is possible in Belarusian rubles (at the rate of National Bank of Belarus), in Russian rubles (at Central Bank of RF exchange rate), U.S. dollars, euros (cross-rate). 

A 20% discount is granted when submitting 3 or more entries from the same series.

A 10% discount is granted when submitting 10 or more entries.

A 15% discount is granted when submitting 20 or more entries.

Discounts get summed up but can not exceed 20%.


The cost of accreditation for one person is:

230 USD + VAT till February 19,

250 USD + VAT since February 20 till March 18,

270 USD + VAT after March 18. 
Regular participants are provided with discounts.



Terms for the submission of entries, applications and payment  - since January 12 till March 28, 2016 inclusive.

Please pay attention to the cost of submission of entries. It's a way cheaper to do in advance. Entries eligible to participate in the VIIIth Festival are entries developed and implemented in advertising campaigns between January 1, 2015 and April 8, 2016 except for the entries that participated in White Square in 2015.

To submit the entry for the contest you should register on the REGISTRATION page of the website, upload the entry in required format, provide the description of the entry in corresponding fields. Detailed guides for each contest are available on the COMPETITION page.

Entries without applications, registration forms and payment are not allowed to participate in the main contest program.

Participants ensure copyright observance (legal use of music, photos, texts, etc.) of the entry sent to the contest and undertakes to solve all possible controversial issues on their own. Participants also guarantee that the entry submitted to the Festival has been actually implemented. If during the evaluation of entries members of the jury prompt the documents confirming that the entry has been implemented, the participant agrees to provide the requested documents before the jury finishes it's work. Otherwise such entry can be removed from the competition program by the decision of the jury. 

Entries submitted to the Festival are not returned. Entries can be used by the Directorate of the Festival to promote the festival and for advertising aims in general.

Entry submission for the program of social advertising contest is free of charge for residents of the Republic of Belarus.



In each contest nomination the Jury determines the finalists – a shortlist.

All entries selected for the finals are marked with special diplomas of the Festival. The 1st, the 2nd and the 3rd places are awarded in each nomination. Several 1st, 2nd and 3rd places may be determined by the decision of the Jury. The Jury may also decline to award places if contest entries do not satisfy the criteria of evaluation and the status of the winner. At discrepancy of entries to the nomination criteria the Jury has the right to transfer the entry to other nomination or contest.

The 1st place is awarded with a branded statuette and a diploma of the winner. The 2nd and 3rd places are awarded with honorary diplomas.

Best works may be awarded with the GRAND PRIX of the Festival.Traditionally the Grand Prix will be chosen by Grand Jury which consists of the Chairmen of all basic jury line ups.

Basing on results of the contest program CREATIVE AGENCY of the Festival is awarded. The award CREATIVE AGENCY of the Festival is determined according to rating points, approved by the organizers of the Festival.

Organizers and partners of the FESTIVAL may award special prizes.

Prizes and awards are granted at the Gala Award ceremony of the Festival, which will take place in April 16, 2016. Before the start of the ceremony the information on the winners and awardees is confidential and can not be disclosed.


PAYMENT FOR PARTICIPATION IN THE FESTIVAL is made to the account of the Festival Directorate on the basis of invoices.


Participants from the Ukraine pay for participation via All-Ukrainian Advertising Coalition.

Participants from Armenia pay for participation via Media Holding Antares:

Yerevan - 0009 Mashtotsa av.50a/1
Tel/fax: +374 10 58 76 69
Tel: +374 10 58 10 59; 58 09 59; 56 15 26